Dr. Mark Barlow MD, Plastic Surgeon in Houston, Clear Lake, Texas

450 Medical Center Blvd., Suite 207, Webster, Texas 77598

(281) 333-8999

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Watch Dr. Barlow appear in The Learning Channel's show Skin Tight, and read about it in the Houston Chronicle.


We host an injectable day every month.

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Welcome to our practice!

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to our unique (in today's world) practice philosophy, mission and also to each of our team and your staff.

Originally, when redesigning our website, several people were concerned that we would put this out there for everyone, including other plastic surgery practices to see. “What if they copy you?” voicing concerns. Our response was simply, “We hope they do!” We not only hope that other practices would copy our words but also our actions.

Our goal every day is to find ways to do even more and make this experience even better for our patients. I once heard an expression, “Even on our worst days we are better than our competition on their best day.” Being better than someone else is not a high enough standard, we want to be our very best! Best at making you feel welcome and comfortable, best at respecting and valuing your time, best at educating you about the journey you are considering, our best at making this journey as stress-free as possible, our best at building a life-long relationship with you, and our best at giving you realistic expectations and amazing results.

As you navigate through this website you will learn about our team/your staff and how they chose to make a life out of helping you. You will learn about the many services we provide and why we offer them. You will have an opportunity to see diaries written by patients, articles about Dr. Barlow, blogs from Dr. Barlow and more.

What you will not find on this website are patient photos. We believe this is part of a medical chart and therefore comes under HIPAA regulations. Most of our patients are happy to share their photos. Out of respect for them, we choose to share them in a private setting. If you request to see photos, Dr. Barlow will select photos from patients who have not only consented but who are close to your height, weight, including other physical similarities, whenever possible. Presenting photos to you in this manner serves the purpose of the best patient education and the best way to manage your expectations knowing that all patients are different.

We encourage you to complete the contact page information so that we can show you what it is like to become our patient. Beginning with our first email response to you.

Our Mission:

Making the connection! Inspiring each other to create a purpose-driven life out of building life-long relationships (with our patients and each other) based on mutual respect, unparalleled education, the most excellent communication, trust, compassion, and competent care. Jumping up and down when we hear our patients repeat our mission statement back to us. "Everyone here makes me feel like I am your only patient!"
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